Robotic Scientist is Coming, and it is not too bad. 

"Where the flow carries a large quantity of water, the speed of the flow is greater and vice versa."

by Leonardo da Vinci

Welcome to our i⁴ - FSI lab:

The i⁴ - FSI Lab is established by Dr. Dixia Fan in the Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering at Queen's University, Ontario, Canada. The name of "i⁴ - FSI " stands for "intelligent", "informational", "integrative" and "interdisciplinary" fluid-structure interaction, a research vision shared by the group to develop a new paradigm for fluid research and applications. By carefully incorporating physics-informed (and -informative) machine learning methods and bio-inspired principles into the fluid mechanics investigation, we will be able to significantly understand and control the fluid motion that is inherently non-linear and multi-scale in both space and time. 


Fig. Metamorphosis of new engineering

Currently, the group has developed various experimental facilities and numerical tools and has been focusing on the following research topics: 

  • Physics-informed (and -informative) reinforcement learning for vortical flow control

  • Bio-inspired environmental sensing

  • Flow-induced vibration 

  • Programmable metamaterial for aero/hydro morphing structures

  • Autonomy for multi-mode (aerial / aquatic) swarms