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Intelligent and Bio-inspired Mechanics Weekly Seminar
Westlake University

You can find new talk annoucement and past recordings in: 
Zoom Link:
  The intelligent and bio-inspired mechanics seminar is founded by Dr. Dixia Fan, hoping to bring an exciting seminar series that is quickly expanding the network of AI and Bio-inspiration in fluid mechanics researchers.
  The seminar now is jointly organized by the following researchers: 
       1. Dr. Dixia Fan (Assistant Professor, Westlake University)
       2. Dr. Giovanni Iacobello (Lecturer, University of Surrey)
       3. Dr. Sicheng He (Postdoc, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
       4. Dr. Qiang Zhong (Postdoc, University of Virginia)
       5. Dr. Kai Zhang (Assistant Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen)
       6. Dr. David E. Rival (Associate Professor, Queen’s University)
       7. Dr. Juan Li (Lecturer, King's College London)
       8. Dr. Jisheng Zhao (Research Fellow, Monash University)
       9. Mr. Jiashun Guan (Ph.D. Candidate, Peking University)
       10. Ms. Xinyan Guan (Ph.D. Candidate, Westlake University)
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