Principal Investigator



Research Interest: AI in fluid mechanics

Research Interest: Vortical flow control and sensing

Research Interest: Bio-inspired aerial/aquatic robotics

Research Interest: Smart environmental monitoring

​​Potential Students:

We are always looking for self-motivated undergraduates, graduates (both MSc and Ph.D.), postdocs, and visiting scholars, as well as collaborators and sponsors, to join our research effort on AI in fluid mechanics, bio-inspired robots, and smart environmental monitoring. We encourage applications from women, persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, members of visible minorities, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas. Please send Dixia an email, if you are interested!



Dr. Ang Li

Research Interest: Fluid Mechanics
Research Interest: Reinforcement Learning in Fluid Experiment
Research Interest: Bioinspired Robotics

Ke Lin.jpg

Dr. Ke Lin

Research Interest: Numerical Algorithm in Fluid-structure Interaction 
Research Interest: Flow-induced Vibration and Hydrodynamic Interference  Research Interest: of Multiple Bluff Bodies


Dr. Shuo Li

Research Interest: Environmental Fluid MechanicsResearch Interest: Research Interest: Marine Hydrodynamics

Graduate Students

Zhipeng Wang (Ph.D Candidate)

Zhipeng Wang.png

Research Interest: Reinforcement Learning in Flow Control
Research Interest: Fluid Dynamics
Research Interest: Bio-Inspired Aerial/Aquatic Robotics


Yunpeng Zhu

Research Interest: Bioinspired Robotics
Research Interest: Fluid Dynamics
Research Interest:

Guangmin Dai.jpg

Guangmin Dai

Research Interest: Strength Analysis of Marine Structure
Research Interest: Bio-Inspired Underwater Soft Robotics 

Xinyan Guan.jpg

Xinyan Guan

Research Interest: Fluid Dynamics
Research Interest: Bio-inspired robots

Visiting Students/Scholars

JIaqi Xue.png

Jiaqi Xue

Research Interest: Bio-inspired Robotics
Research Interest: Mechatronics and Automation
Research Interest: Mobile Robots


Muyang Li

Research Interest: Sequential Association Mining
Research Interest: Federated Learning
Research Interest: Deep Learning for Fluid Dynamic Perception


Dehan Yuan

Research Interest: Reinforcement Learning in Flow Control

Research Interest: Aerodynamic Performance Optimization 
Research Interest: Bio-inspired Aerial Robotics
Research Interest: Vortex Dynamics

Research Engineer


Masoud Yazdimamaghani

Research Interest: Computational Fluid Dynamics
Research Interest: Multi-Phase Flow
Research Interest: Fluid Structure Interaction


At Westlake University:
At Queen's University:

4. Haishuo Chen - UCLA

3. Tongfei Guo - Northeastern University

2. Jiarui Yang - UCLA

1. Xiangyi Tang - USC

Before Queen's University:


18. John R Paris (MIT, B.Sc.) - MIT

17. Juhan Wang (Tianjin Univ., B.Sc.) - M.Sc. Program at the Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

16. Taylor Lauren V'Dovec (MIT, B.Sc.) - M.Sc. Program at Delft Univ., Netherlands

15. Lin Ke (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., Ph.D. co-supervised by Prof. Jiasong Wang) - PDF at Queen's Univ., Canada

14. Anthony C Kriezis (MIT, B.Sc.) - MIT

13. Kevin Lu (Webb Institute, B.Sc.) - MIT

12. Tianyi Zhang (Tianjin Univ., B.Sc.) - Ph.D. Program at the Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

11. Peiseng Tan (Ocean Univ. of China, B.Sc.) - Ph.D. Program at Univ. of Southern Florida, USA

10. Miranda P Kotidis (MIT, M.Sc.) - Staff Engineer at Triton Systems, Inc., USA

 9. Divya Bachina (Boston Univ. Academy, High School Student) - B.Sc. Program at MIT

 8. Marion Tormento (École des Ponts ParisTech, M.Sc.) - Ph.D. Program at Univ. of Oxford, UK

 7. Xiaotong Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., B.Sc. Co-supervised by Prof. Decheng Wan) - M.Sc. Program at MIT, USA

 6. Chong Sun (Tianjin Univ., B.Sc.) - M.Sc. Program at Tianjin Univ., China

 5. Honglin Du (Tianjin Univ., B.Sc.) - M.Sc. Program at the Duke Univ., USA

 4. Amanda Michelle Hamlet (MIT, M.Sc.) - Staff Engineer, Hull Division at U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Center

 3. Baiheng Wu (Tianjin Univ., B.Sc.) - Ph.D. Program at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

 2. Jorlyn Le Garrec (MIT, B.Sc.) - Fullbright Scholar at National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

 1. Chenjie Lu (Imperial College London, B.Sc.) - M.Sc. Program at MIT, USA